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Seniors - Texas Scramble Jan 16th 2018


On a bitterly cold morning 54 Seniors took part in a Texas Scramble over the Ancaster Course. With an ever strengthening wind but mercifully without rain or snow the only problem was the very low early morning sun.
Teams of 3 received 15% of their exact combines handicap which made for a very tight competition with the team of Manny Barker, Peter Long & Phillip Willcock coming out winners by 0,07 of a point over Mike Collins, Colin Farrington & Clive Goode.
The contest for the 3rd prize was even closer with the team of Norman Halliday, Graham Secker & Alan Farmer pipping Bruce Castledine, Nigel Beaumont & Graham Chesebrough by just 0,02 points.
At the after competition lunch Howard Lockwood, Senior’s Captain thanked everyone for turning out to support this very popular event and welcomed our new member to the Seniors, Bob Hart.
It was good to see Fred Williams, Mike Goodacre, John Clarke, Bill Brogan & Mike Monaghan returning to competition after their lay offs and wishing them all the best for the rest of the year.
As always with the Seniors there has to be ‘occurrences’ Dave Martin pulled a muscle whilst warming up in the net before his round and Dave Langley as Team Captain forgot how to count up to 4!!!

1st. Manny Barker, Peter Long & Phillip Willcock 62.99 points
2nd. Mike Collins, Colin Farrington & Clive Goode 63,06 points
3rd. Norman Halliday, Graham Secker & Alan Farmer 65,42 points
4th. Bruce Castledine, Nigel Beaumont & Graham Chesebrough 65,44 points
5th Bob Hart, Gary R Hill & Peter Rollings 65,57 points
6th. Steve White, John Thompson & Willie Badraun 66,005 points (count back)
7th. Steve Calvert, Trevor Collis & Barrie Stainton 66,005 points
8th. Tim Stubbs, David Martin & John Carey 66,515 points
9th. Alan Addis, John McNally & Rob Gullis 66,885 points
10th.Howard Lockwood, John Clarke & Keith Brown 67.195 points
11th.Peter Brooks, Simon Gray & Alfie Kent 67.27 points
12th.Nick Craft, Kenneth Reilly & Shaun Boney 67.525 points
13th.Bill Brogan, Jim Peach & George Crowford 68.035 points
14th.Fred Williams, Phillip Shaw & Tony Noble 68.9 points
15th.Derek Little, Kenneth Mail & Paul Skelton 69.185 points
16th.David Langley, David Dobney & Richard Fowell 69.93 points
17th.Joseph Adkins, Garry Head & Michael Monaghan 70.885 points
18th.Ian Askew, Peter Hancock & Michael Goodacre 71.08 points
The next round of the Jack Whiteley Trophy ‘Waltz’ is on Tuesday 23rd with draws taking place at 07:45 & 08:15.