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Seniors - Stoke Rochford Golf Club Seniors September 27th 2017


The Senior travelled the short distance to Stoke Rochford to play the penultimate game of the year. After wrapping ourselves around a very hearty breakfast (New Years resolutions will come soon enough) the teams ventured to the course. With the weather very warm although at times overcast and the course in excellent condition most of the games were tight affairs.
Stokes secret weapon was their halfway house with mountains of sausage roll, scones, chocolate cakes and more to tempt the Belton Park Seniors followed by the steep hills over the final 8 holes this tactic proved successful with many of the games swinging in their favour at this point.
Graham thanked Stoke Rochford Senior’s Captain for an super day and dwelt a little on his and Mike Bower’s resounding victory over Richard and his partner but then having to announce that Stoke Rochford had won the match by 4.1/2 points to 3.1/2. Once again a superb day on what has been a very enjoyable year for the Seniors.
Next Tuesday is our last match of the season when we welcome our friends from Stoke to Belton Park.

1. Graham Secker & Mike Bower won 7 & 5
2. Derek Little & Brian Martin lost 4 & 3
3. Mike Collins & John McNally lost 2 & 1
4. Tim Stubbs & Graham Chesebrough won 3 & 1
5. Alan Addis & Ken Reilly lost 6 & 4
6. Steve White & Dave Dobney all square half
7. Frank Overton & Bruce Castledine won 2 up
8. Peter Hancock & Ian Askew lost 3 & 2