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Seniors - Nick Craft Trophy (Yellow Ball) Feb 7th 2017


On Tuesday 7th 48 members of the Seniors Section took part in the very popular Nick Craft Trophy over the Brownlow course. Success in the competition relies heavily on the person playing the yellow ball keeps in play as points scored with the yellow ball count double for the team. If the ball is lost then the team forfeits the chance of double points or the person gets their swimming trunks on!!!!

The winners of the competition were Alfie Kent, John Clarke & Steve Calvert with an excellent score of 118 points.

Graham Secker welcomed Tim Stubbs to the Seniors and hoped that he would enjoy his golf both in the regular competitions and hopefully the representative matches during the year.

1st Alfie Kent, John Clarke,& Steve Calvert ~ 118 points
2nd Steve White, Peter Brooks,& John McNally ~ 113 points CB
3rd Tim Stubbs, John Newton,& Nigel Beaumont ~ 113 points
4th Willie Badraun, Derek Little,& Graham Chesebrough ~ 110 points
5th Michael Goodacre, Mike Collins,& David Dobney ~ 110 points
6th Kenneth Mail, Kenneth Reilly,& Nick Craft ~ 107 points
7th Graham Secker, Brian Mole,& Alan Addis ~ 106 points
8th Shaun Boney, Trevor Collis,& Frank Overton ~ 105 points
9th Peter Rollings, Mansfield Barker,& George Crowford ~ 104 points
10th Michael Robinson, Bill Brogan,& Peter Long ~ 104 points
11th B. N. Stainton, David Martin,& John Hill ~ 101 points
12th John Carey, Peter Hancock,& Norman Halliday ~ 99 points
13th Harry Paice, Phillip Shaw,& Howard Lockwood ~ 96 points
14th Fred Williams, Philip Willcock,& David Jackson ~ 94 points
15th Michael G J Bower, John Thompson,& Colin Farrington ~ 84 points
16th David Langley, Tony Davies,& Ken Ackroyd ~ Disq

Next week we continue with the matches in the Jack Whiteley Trophy with a 33 24 15 competition; all 3 to score on the par 3s, 2 best scores on the par 4s & the best score on the par 5s.

1st draw to take place at 07:45 on Tuesday.