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Recording of Non-Qualifying Scores:
Below is the guidance received from England Golf regarding the requirement of players to return all scores in competitive golf in Non-Qualifying Competitions to their Home Club. Please read through the guidance and the FAQ’s. The onus is on the individual player to ensure scores of this nature are recorded and retuned. Additionally, as a Handicapping authority, we have an obligation to monitor player’s performance in “regular roll ups”.

If anyone has any questions on this matter, please refer them to myself or a member of the Match Committee.

Recording Non-Qualifying Scores


Local Rule – Wrong Putting Green:
Attached and below is a new local rule (or clarification of an existing rule) explaining what to do when winter greens are in play:
If the winter green is attached to the main green you are allowed to putt out without moving the ball.
If the winter green and main green are separated as in 6th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 22nd and 24th – all players must play the main green as the wrong green. Pick and drop and may play any shot to the winter green.

Wrong Putting Green


Clarification of “gender” related competitions:
Gents competitions are played exclusively by gents.
Ladies competitions are played exclusively by ladies.
Mixed competitions are pairs competitions for 1 lady & 1 gent
Any Combination competitions are pairs or team competitions that can be played by any combination of lady or gent.
Mixed Gender competitions are singles competitions open to ladies and gents.


Members’ Survey – Review of Competitions
The survey highlighted a number of requests for more variety in terms of competition formats. The Match Committee will be reviewing the current competition schedule and will report back with its findings in due course.