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Seniors - Texas Scramble Jan 17th 2017


On Tuesday 17th Jan 54 Seniors took part in a Texas Scramble over the Brownlow course. The weather on the day remained dry and without any frost so we were able to play the competition on the main greens. Congratulations to the Green Keeper for presenting the course in such an excellent condition bearing in mind the recent weather and the time of year.
The competition was as always a fiercely fought affair but with a magnificent nett score of 69 the team of Howard Lockwood, Peter Long & Harry Paice came out comfortable winners.
At the presentation Graham Secker, Seniors Captain welcomed Peter Long & Ken Reilly to the Senior’s Section and wished them well for their first year with us and to Mike Bower who travelled back from Spain in the early hours to play in the competition.

1st Howard Lockwood, Peter Long & Harry Paice Gross 69 Nett 61.245
2nd Frank Overton, Barrie Stainton & Paul Skelton Gross 71 Nett 64.205
3rd Peter Hancock, David Dobney & Brian Mole Gross 73 Nett 64.975
4th Norman Halliday, John McNally & Ken Ackroyd Gross 74 Nett 65.06
5th Mike Collins, Nigel Beaumont & Dennis Santer Gross 74 Nett 65.705
6th Alan Addis, John Clarke & Rob Gullis Gross 75 Nett 66.525
7th Ken Mail, Graham Secker & Tony Noble Gross 75 Nett 67.215
8th Derek Little, Ian Askew & Keith Brown Gross 75 Nett 67.29
9th Manny Barker, Jim Peach & Willie Badraun Gross 75 Nett 67.515
10th Steve White, David Jackson & Peter Rollings Gross 76 Nett 68.125
11th David Langley, Trevor Collis & Philip Willcock Gross 77 Nett 68.255
12th John Newton, Kenneth Reilly & Alfie Kent Gross 76 Nett 68.32
13th Fred Williams, Michael Goodacre & John Hill Gross 78 Nett 68.88
14th David Martin, George Crowford & Shaun Boney Gross 77 Nett 68.915
15th Mike Bower, John Thompson & Colin Farrington Gross 77 Nett 69.02
16th Bill Brogan, Graham Chesebrough & Michael Robinson Gross 77 Nett 69.215
17th Ray Clark, Phillip Shaw & John Carey Gross 78 Nett 69.435
18th Tony Davies, Peter Brooks & Clive Goode Gross 81 Nett 71.595

The next competition on Tuesday 24th is Round 7 of the Jack Whiteley Trophy and is a Waltz. After the large field for the Texas Scramble let’s hope we have as good a turn out.