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Seniors 'FUN GOLF' - Stableford 1 2 3 Nov 17th 2015


Alan Addis’s year as Seniors Captain continued with the 1st of the FUN GOLF days with 11 teams of 3 players competing in a Stableford 1 2 3 competition. Scores from the 10 FUN GOLF days go towards the Jack Whiteley Trophy; 6 best results for each member are taken.
A fine morning greeted the 11 teams with the prospect of rain and high winds later in the day which encouraged teams to play at a healthy pace.

1st Tony Davies, David Langley & George Crowford 83 points
2nd Fred Williams, David Dobney & Mike Goodacre 77 points (CB)
3rd Wes Wright, Graham Chesebrough & Nigel Beaumont 77 points
4th Norman Halliday, John Newton & Rick Alsbury 75 points
5th Manny Barker, Graham Secker & Willie Badraum 74 points
6th Barrie Stainton, Shaun Boney & Les Johnson 72 points (CB)
7th Mike Monaghan, Dennis Santer & Peter Brooks 72 points
8th Malcolm Sutton, Tony Noble & Peter Hawkins 70 points
9th Trevor Collis, Steve White & Colin Farrington 69 points
10th Bill Brogan, Tony Robinso & John McNally 67 points
11th Phil Willcock, John Alsbury & Nick Craft 62 points

The Jack Whiteley competition continues next week with the ‘Bamford Multiplier’ which sees each of the Stableford score of team members being multiplied to give the team score on each of the holes; this is likely to bring a whole new meaning to ‘FUN GOLF’.
Here’s hoping for a good turn out on the 24th Nov for what is proving to be a very popular format for the Jack Whiteley Trophy.