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February Greens Report


February Greens Report

“In what must have been some of the worst weather conditions to work in Lee and his staff have done a remarkable job in keeping our course playable throughout January and February. We are delighted to let you have a copy of Lee’s course report.”



I am sure it will come as no surprise to all that this year has been very very wet, We have had 133mm of rain so far in 2014, and this, coupled with some very high winds, has made maintaining the course a very arduous task. That said I think the course has stood up well and I have only deemed it necessary to adopt the composite course and temporary greens for a few weeks, this would be the envy of many of our neighbours !
The mild weather and more gentle winds experienced since the weekend have helped dry things out but we are very mindful that disease will like these conditions and we are always aware and ready to act. We have also tined and aerated the greens and will continue to do so in our constant battle against the build up of thatch.
We have refurbished the greenside bunkers on 2,6 and 11 and will be finishing the turfing this week, this is in a attempt to make the bunkers smaller and more manageable, and is no easy task.
All the other bunkers are in the process of being topped up in readiness for the summer season.

We are all looking forward to the spring and the warmer weather when the grass starts to grow!

Work carried out over the last few months

  • Rebuild green side bunkers on 2nd, 6th and 11th.
  • Turf worn out areas around bunkers.
  • Top up sand in green side bunkers.
  • Paint tee markers and course furniture.
  • Virti-drain greens, aprons, tees and paths.
  • Slit fairways and paths.
  • Carry out vital machinery maintenance sharpening etc.
  • Repair badger and other animal damage.
  • Keep the clubhouse supplied with logs.
  • Tidy fallen tree debris and leaves.
  • Remove old and dirty gravel from courtyard and replace with new.
  • Brush and blow tees and fairways.

Work to be carried out pre season

  • Re-commission course irrigation ready for use.
  • Spray round-up around trees.
  • Spray round-up on paths.
  • Tidy and re-gravel paths.
  • Divot fairways and tees.
  • Top up fairway bunkers.
  • Fertilise greens, tees, fairways, aprons, paths and surrounds.
  • Clean and creosote steps.
  • Continue to keep the course looking at its best.

L. A. Carratt
Head Greenkeeper